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Mat Specification


Mat dimensions: 8ft x 4ft

Mat Weight: 35kg

Mat Payload: Up to 80 tons per mat

Lifted and moved into place by 2 people

Very tough and durable mat that is constructed from HDPE.

Handles on all sides for easy of carrying and laying.

Chevron Traction system with nubs that substantially improve the grip and forward motion of Plant or Vehicles and reduces sideways slippage.

Lighter in weight and easier to manage than either wood or steel options.

Fast and efficient to lay with the ability to lay up to 500 mats in a day (based upon 3 people on a 10-hour day.)



PPE Information


The following PPE Equipment is advised:

• Steel Toe Capped Boots

• Hi – Visibility jackets

• Gloves

• Eye Protection

• Hard Hats



Laying Guide


Lay the mats as you go starting from a hard standing if possible and work away from this.

When collection the mats start in reverse and go to the furthest point and work towards the hard standing.

These mats can be joined on both the long and short side using either the Quick fit or Urethane connectors. If using the Flex connectors do not over tighten the bolts into the connectors.


Make sure that ground is as level as possible before laying removing any sharp or protruding obstacles where possible.

If the ground is wet, try and avoid driving over the ground that the mats are to be laid on.

The mats can be spaced apart to create a wider track. Use either a tape or measuring stick to maintain an even gap.

If laying the mats across a slope it is recommended to use a combination of Flex connectors and staples to join the mats and peg them to the ground.



Euromat Connecting Systems:


Quick fit connectors

The two prongs simply slot into the holes on the mat locking the two mats together. Fast and simple to use with no tools required.


Urethane Connectors

These are used where the mats are to be laid for longer periods and require the mats to be bolted together with a plate underneath. A further plate on top can be used for extra support.

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