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Geo Grid

Geo Grid Tile Specification


Geo Grid Tile dimensions: 495mm x 495mm

Geo Grid Tile Weight: 1.6kg

Geo Grid Payload: Up to 25 tons per grid

Lifted and moved into place by 1 person

Very tough and durable Tile that is constructed from recycled Polyethylene.

Light and in small sections making it easy to carry and lay.

Geo Grid offers a combination of excellent cellular strength and weight load capacity whilst allowing for optimal expansion and contraction avoiding the risk of surface deformation in hot or cold climates

The grids can be cut to form shapes around obstacles such as planters or posts.

Fast and simple to install with a simple interlocking system.



PPE Information


The following PPE Equipment is advised:

• Steel Toe Capped Boots

• Hi – Visibility jackets

• Gloves



Laying Guide


It is important to create a clean and clear site before starting to think about laying Geo Grid.

An initial layer of hard-core is recommended

A layer of sand levelled off or sloped evenly to follow ground contour is required before laying the Geo Grid.

If white or Hi – Vis demarcation blocks are to be used insert these into the Geo Grid sections

Once the Geo Grid is laid fill the Grid with either gravel or Top soil and level off with a rake. If using Top soil once this is completed, then spread grass seed on top and gently cover with a rake and water lightly.



Geo Grid Connecting System:


No connections required as sections simply click together.

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